How to Submit Your Music to Music Blogs (And be taken seriously)

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Are you interested in getting your music featured on blogs and music websites? There are plenty to choose from, and many have the capability to get you the exposure you need. But, first impressions are everything, and you need to make a good one if you’re ever to be taken seriously as an artist. Here’s a few rules to help you get started:

1. Your music has to be good.

I get it; as an artist, it is almost impossible to be objective about something you created. You might be one of those artists who genuinely believes that everything they put out is flames, when in reality it might very well be trash. The first step is letting others hear what you put out and getting an honest review. Assemble a group of people with different tastes and have them critique your project. Even if its not the best thing they’ve ever heard, as long as your music is interesting or different enough, it has potential. There is a niche for everything, and your music might be the next big thing that people get into.

2. Pick the right blog to submit your music to.

There are thousands of blogs out there, but how do you know which blogs to choose? Simple. You should only submit your music to blogs that have a track record of featuring similar types of music and artists. If you make rap music, it would make ZERO sense to submit your projects to sites that only feature country music. The keyword is RESEARCH. Does this blog align with my personal/brand image? Does this blog feature similar kinds of music? Does this blog even accept submissions? These are all important questions to ask before making a decision. It can be a tedious process, but doing your research can increase your chances of making an impression and being featured on the music blog(s) of your choice.

3. Follow instructions.

When trying to submit music to a blog, most sites will direct you to a page or section that deals specifically with submissions. On this page, you’ll find the site’s guidelines and policies. A word of advice? Follow these guidelines like your music career depends on it. Here is an example of a blog’s submission guidelines:


You wouldn’t apply to a job with an incomplete application, so don’t take the lazy way out when dealing with music blogs. Follow the guidelines as they’re presented to you, and then double-check to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Due to the high volume of submissions popular blogs receive daily, you have a pretty good chance of being overlooked, especially when you don’t adhere to the site’s guidelines. Just follow the rules and don’t give them the opportunity to send your music to their trash folder.

4. Did you spell that right?

Yes, this step seems pretty minor in comparison but believe me, one spelling error is enough to make a blogger disregard your entire submission. Keep in mind that bloggers are writers trained in different writing styles. No, you’re not submitting your thesis to a professor, but take pride in what you send to bloggers to review. Double-check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, especially if you’re addressing a blogger directly. If you’re unsure how to word or spell something correctly, Google is the best free resource available. Proofreading your submission shows that you pay attention to detail, which is a trait all artists should have.

5. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid.)

A music blogger shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to listen to your music. Make sure that whatever you’re sharing is easily accessible and doesn’t require any extra steps. For example, you should refrain from sending:

  1. Links that are expired or don’t work. Always test out links in your own browser to make sure they’re functional.
  2. Files that are too big and take up too much disk space. Bloggers aren’t compromising their hard drives to listen to your music, especially when you can’t guarantee that they’ll like it.
  3. Anything that requires you to register for a new account. (Some file sharing sites require users to make a new account just to view the content.) This is a huge inconvenience and major waste of time, and bloggers won’t be receptive to it.

Instead, make sure that you attach safe, easily-downloadable files such as .WAV or .MP3, or simple links to your music on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music when submitting music. Different blogs have different requirements, so just make sure you’re following the submission guidelines.

Of course there is no guarantee that your music will be featured on the music blogs of your choice, but following these simple rules will make the process much easier to navigate. Hopefully, adhering to these 5 tips will help increase your chances of being noticed and taken seriously.

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